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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stairway lift?
It is a motorized lift that carries a person up and down the stairs. A moving chair rides up and down on a narrow track attached directly to the steps.

How does it attach?
The Summit Stairway Lift attaches to your stairs not the wall. It requires no modifications to the structure of the home for installation.

How much room is required to install a stairway lift?

The track on a Summit Stairway Lift takes up less than 10 of your staircase. When folded up, the unit uses less than 14 space. If your staircase is less than 36 wide, it is recommended you sit the user in a chair that is up against a wall, and measure the distance from the wall to the users knees. Once this information is forwarded to the manufacturer, they can assist you with determining if you have enough room to use your lift properly.

What is the weight capacity?

Summit Stairway Lifts have two lifting capacities. Our Summit Stairway Lift is rated at 300 lbs capacity. The Summit MAX is designed for people up to 500 lbs. Both are designed for use by one person at a time.

Is it safe?

Several features are designed into the Summit Stairway Lift to assure the safety of both the user and others within the home. The footrest has safety sensors to stop the lift in either direction should it strike anything on the stairs. A swivel safety switch makes sure the seat is in the proper position before allowing the unit to run, and a seat belt is standard. The aircraft cable used for lifting is rated for 4,200 lbs. and has mechanical and electrical safeties to stop the lift if the cable is not properly tensioned. Limit switches shut the unit off in the same place at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically. The constant pressure controls are designed to stop the lift the second the controls are released. This is all part of making sure you and your family members will be safe.

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