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Why Purchase a Stairway Lift?

Safety and Peace of Mind
The Summit® Stairway Lift was designed by a team of seasoned engineers and technicians with more than 75 years of combined experience in the accessibility lift industry.

  • Designed to meet the stringent standards of ASME A17.1 and ASME A18
  • Footrest safety sensors stop the lift should it encounter any obstruction on the stairs
  • The seat has to be in the proper run position or the lift will not operate
  • Electronic and mechanical safeties shut down the lift locking it in place if the steel cable tension is not proper
  • Aircraft steel cable rated up to 4,200 pounds
  • All electrical components are UL and CSA listed


Each part of the Summit® Stairway Lift has been designed to make sure you can depend on your lift when you need it most.

  • The motor and gear have been tested in excess of 30,000 cycles equivalent to 16 years of average use.  Neither show excessive wear.
  • Each lift undergoes a 10 point inspection process insuring complete functionality and order accuracy prior to shipping
  • Each lift is equipped with a re-settable circuit breaker eliminating the need to locate and replace fuses in case of blown fuse
  • Summit® Stairway Lifts do not use circuit boards which are delicate, prone to failure, and expensive to replace.
  • Proudly made in America

Convenience and Low Maintenance

Every facet of the lift has been designed to enable you to relax and enjoy worry free use of your Summit® Stairway Lift for years to come.

  • Wide, thick padded seat upholstered in three color choices of vinyl or leather
  • Backrest adjusts to three different positions to provide the utmost in comfort
  • Footrest adjusts to two different positions to accommodate passengers of varying stature and degrees of mobility
  • Seat and footrest fold up when not in use to make room for foot traffic on the stairs
  • Seat can swivel 90 degrees at both the upper and lower landings
  • Large, easy to manipulate rocker switch on the lift can be mounted in either arm to accommodate most manual dexterity issues
  • Wall mounted Call-Send controls or foot or finger activated Call controls available for each landing
  • Choose safe AC electrical (low voltage 24 VAC) operation or add protection against power outages with a battery operated system
  • Can quickly change unit to mount on either side of stairs even after it arrives on site
  • One of the industry’s leading warranties: 3 years on all component parts, 5 years on the drive train (motor and Gear)

Summit Lifts, Inc. designs their lifts to meet the stringent requirements of ASME A17.1, and ASME A18.1 when installed properly. Those wishing to acquire these products need to check with local authorities to assure local code compliance, installation requirements, and to determine if permits are required

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